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Sun, Feb 18



Sermon Theme

Join for the teaching of Jesus.

Sermon Theme
Sermon Theme

Time & Location

Feb 18, 2024, 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM

Caldwell, 912 W Linden St, Caldwell, ID 83605, USA

About the event

Week 2

The Beatitudes are not qualities required for entrance into the Kingdom of heaven. A follower of Christ does not pursue spiritual bankruptcy, deep grief or shyness… to earn God’s blessing. The Beatitudes are about repentance… the change that happens when people are touched by Jesus.

Those who know they are bankrupt in spirit meet Jesus and receive citizenship in His Kingdom. Their spiritual poverty is not the blessing. Jesus is! A kingdom of heaven life is the received experience of people who now walk with Christ.

Thus, the Beatitudes describe as really blessed those who know Jesus.

This week’s thought experiment understands that each Beatitude describes experience prior to meeting Jesus contrasted with experience after meeting Jesus. Jesus, the unspoken middle of each Beatitude, is the “tipping point” of life.

This chart visually represents the Beatitudes and could help your investigation this week.

Jesus touches a seeker’s life.

Before meeting Jesus

After meeting Jesus

Poor in spirit

Become citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven




Inherit the earth

Hungry and thirsty for righteousness

Filled with righteousness they’ve long for


Received mercy

Pure in heart, perfectionists

See God, who is perfect


Called sons of God because God is the peacemaker

Persecuted for standing up for what is right

Find the righteousness they stood up for in the Kingdom

Blessed are you when others revile you and persecute you and utter all kinds of evil against you falsely on my account. Rejoice and be glad, for your reward is great in heaven, for so they persecuted the prophets who were before you.

When people from every circumstance in life meet Jesus they become the salt of the earth, making the earth “taste” good, and shine as lights, radiating the goodness of God, in a dark world.

Monday: Read Matthew 5:1-10, focus - vss. 3-4

“Poor in spirit” describes those “with no spiritual qualifications or abilities at all.” They know even God could not love someone like them.

What do you think it is like to be bankrupt spiritually?

What happened when you first met Jesus?

How has Jesus changed your life?

What do you think God wants you to do?

“Mourn” refers to “those who weep,” or “those whose hearts have been broken.”

When have you grieved or been deeply sad?

How did Jesus comfort you?

Tuesday: Matthew 5:1-10, focus - vss. 5-6

A meek person is “shy, intimidated, unassertive.”

What do you think a meek person believes about themselves?

How does Jesus feel about a meek person?

How would a meek person’s self perspective change when they realize the whole world is a gift given them by Jesus?

“Righteousness” means “that which is right or just.” Someone starving for righteousness has not found it anywhere.

If you were looking for “wrongness,” where could you find it?

How does the wrongness you see make you feel?

What has God done about the wrongness in the world?

How does Jesus satisfy someone starving for things to be made right?

Wednesday : Matthew 5:1-10 focus – vss. 7-8

Merciful means “to be compassionate, to be filled with pity; “to withhold from others what they may rightfully deserve.” A merciful person longs for people to find relief from their circumstance.

What kind of people need God’s mercy?

How would you rate yourself on a mercy scale?

No mercy mercy full

1....................................... 5....................................... 10

How has God been merciful to you?

“Pure in heart” describes those who want everything to meet their high expectations. They seek, but have not found, “perfection.”

How could a perfectionist view themselves?

How could a perfectionist see the world around them?

What happens with someone dissatisfied with everything finds Jesus?

Thursday: Matthew 5.1-10 focus – vss. 9-10

A “peacemaker,” is the middle-man, the one on neither side (or both sides) in a dispute. Peacemakers long for everyone to experience what they can’t find… peace.

Where do you need peace?

How can Jesus bring peace there?

How could you bring peace there?

“Persecuted for righteousness sake” are those who are attacked because of they stand up for what is right. They refuse to comply with what is wrong.

What have you experienced when you stood up for what was right?

What does Jesus provide for those who are persecuted for taking a stand for what is right?

Friday: Matthew 5.1-10 focus – vss. 11

Verse 11 describes what can be expected by everyone who follows Jesus.

What can a Christ follower expect?

How does Jesus say we can respond?

Why can we respond that way?

This has been one of the most introspective readings we have done.

What do you think God is saying to you through Jesus’ Beatitudes?

Jesus answers the question: How can anyone become a really good person?

We will begin exploring His answer next week.

Jesus’ teaches us how to develop a righteousness that is beyond that of the most righteous appearing leaders in His day, the scribes and Pharisees. In Christ, we become personal fulfillments of the law and the prophets.

This life shines in our lives as obvious authentications of His existence and presence. When we learn from Him how to conform to God’s will, we become answers to billions of prayers, “Your kingdom come. Your will be done.”

Common areas of personal growth include:

· How to overcome anger.

· How to be free from addiction to sex.

· What is God’s will for marriage?

· How to have integrity

· Refusing to manipulate people verbally

· Refusing to retaliate when harm is done

· How to love enemies

· The danger of hypocrisy

· How to pray

· The necessity of forgiveness

· What is really important

· How to enter the Kingdom

· How to build a good, strong life

· Among others!

Look for these topics as you read and reread the most impactful speech ever given, The Sermon on the Mount.

Reading Guide 1 Matthew 1................................................. Monday 

Who does this chapter say Jesus is?

What did He come to do?

What does this mean for you?

What do you think God wants you to do?

 Matthew 2................................................. Tuesday 

Who does this chapter say Jesus is?

What do people do when they have a king?

Extra credit: Read Judges 17.6; 18.1; 19.1; 21.25

What do people do when they do not have a king?

What do you think God wants us to do?

 Matthew 3................................................. Wednesday 

What does this chapter say about who Jesus is?

What did John come to do?

What do you think God is saying to us through John’s message?

What do you think God wants us to do?

 Matthew 4.1-11........................................ Thursday 

What stands out to you in these verses?

Read Genesis 1.15-17; 3.1-7.

What do Adam’s story and Jesus’ story have in common?

How are they different?

 Matthew 4.12-25...................................... Friday 

What kind of people came to Jesus?

What did they experience when the met Jesus?

What did Jesus call them to do?

What stands out to you in these verses?

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